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Lunch Carryout:

Tuesday-Friday, 11:30 AM-2PM


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Asia’s a big place. There are a lot of distinct cuisines with a huge diversity of ingredients and flavors. At Ichiban we strive to give you a taste of the variety of this rich culinary region. From noodle dishes to dumplings, steak to vegetarian dishes, fresh seafood to savory chicken and pork, each dish features the influence of distinctly Asian ingredients and preparation.

And don’t forget- we have Charleston’s only downtown sushi bar. Our sushi experts will prepare all your favorites and their own inventive creations as well. If you’re feeling adventurous, tell your sushi chef “omakase”- he’ll prepare his own selections, specially chosen to compliment each other for a most memorable meal.

Ichiban is also the ideal locale for private gatherings with two meeting/dining rooms. In addition, we offer party platters for off-site entertaining. As you can see from the photos below, we offer a catering experience that is unique for Charleston.

Ichiban is a singular dining experience in Charleston, and one we hope you’ll enjoy soon.


the other side of the world, here at home.